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Welcome to Christopher and Rachel Kelley's Homepage! Why a homepage? Why not? Actually, we got tired of having to change our e-mail address a million different places if we had to change ISP's. And we tended to put up with lousy service from ISP's just to avoid changing our e-mail address.

So we got our own domain, ''. This allows us to keep our email address even if we change ISP's. Of course with the advent of gmail, etc., perhaps some day we'll give this up, but for now it's fun to have an "old school" homepage.

About us:

Why "KelleyCows"? We decided to call our homepage 'kelleycows' because our real home is decorated in early modern cow. We have cow curtains, cow pillows, cow salt and pepper shakers, a cow cookie jar, cow tea pot, you get the picture. MOOOO!

To the right is one of our wedding pictures. We were married on March 29, 1997 in Las Vegas, Neveda. Christopher's mother, Shirley, made Rachel's wedding gown. Rachel's cousin, Iona Mae Cline Burke, made the bride's bouquet, the flower girl's flower basket, Rachel's hairpiece, and all the boutonnieres from silk flowers.

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