Our Kittys

Marshal Dillon and Ms. Kitty (click for larger picture) We adopted two cats from the Seal Beach Animal Care Center, and most recently, a third from Orange County Animal Care Services.

On the right is Marshal Dillon. We adopted him in August of 1999. The shelter had named him "Dylan" and we liked the name but changed the spelling.

Dillon has had a hard life. Unknown to the shelter and us, Dillon had fractured his right femur at some point in his life. The fracture was not treated and healed on its own. We discovered this when we presume he either fell off our next door neighbor's roof or got into a fight on the roof and lost. Dillon had been missing for three days. We found him in the neighbors back yard, crying and limping and took him to Crossroads Animal Emergency & Referral Center. When they X-rayed him, they discovered the previously broken femur. Unfortunately, they also discovered that he had sheared the ball off the top of his femur in his fall. After discussion with the vet, we decided to have the ball removed completely rather than try to re-attach it. After a tumultuous recovery period (Dillon did NOT like being crated), he is good as new once again. The scar tissue formed a false joint for him, and he runs and jumps just fine.

In September of 2000, we decided Dillon needed a buddy. And with a name like Marshal Dillon, we had to change her name from Maxie to Ms. Kitty. In the course of treating her for asthma, we discovered she has several pellets lodged in the skin on her back. The do not seem to cause her discomfort, and do not appear to be close to any vital areas.

By September of 2004, it had become apparent that Miss Kitty and Marshal Dillon were not going to be "best friends". Our vet advised us that if we wanted a good buddy for Dillon, another nutered male cat would be our best bet. So we started looking for a Chester. We soon found that the Seal Beach Animal Care Center had changed their policies since we adopted Miss Kitty, and would no longer adopt to people who would allow their cats outdoors. However, we eventually found our Chester at Orange County Animal Care Services, and brought him home. We haven't had him long enough to see if he and Marshal Dillon will become buddies, so stay tuned for updates and more pictures.

For now, here is a picture we took the day we brought him home: Chester (click for larger picture)

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