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We are the proud part-owners of a 1964 Mooney M20E "Super 21" airplane, N1332W, serial number 220. We purchased this airplane in October of 2002, and have had a lot of fun with it since. Our aircraft partner is a licensed aircraft mechanic, which really keeps our costs down. We've flown the airplane to Sedona, AZ, Las Cruces, NM, Boulder, CO, and many other destinations. We visit Rachel's father by air often, as he lives near the Kern Valley Airport (L05). Rachel has named the airplane "little bitty", as in, "It's alright to be little bitty". This is especially true when one is washing said airplane!

This picture was taken at 32W's former residence, Marana Northwest Regional Airport (KAVQ), northwest of Tucson, AZ.
N1332W at Marana, AZ (AVQ)

Christopher and our partner were both employed by Mooney Aerospace Group, Ltd., then in Long Beach, California when we bought 32W. Her owner was looking to move up to a new Mooney and wanted to sell 32W. One look was all it took! She is a shining example, in excellent condition. We can plan on 148 to 152 knots true airspeed (170 to 175mph), depending on wieght, and under 10 gallons per hour of fuel burn.

More Flying Pictures

Christopher & Rachel in the air

Here is a self portrait of us flying in 32W. This picture was taken on the Saturday after Thanksgiving 2006. We were coming back from visiting Rachel's father for the day

High above Van Nuys Airport. Christopher learned to fly at Van Nuys Aiport in 1989.
This picture was taken on 3 February 2007 returning from Santa Maria, CA. Van Nuys Aiport and Surrounding Area

Meteor Crater, just east of Flagstaff, Arizona.
Meteor Crater in Arizona

Of course, we couldn't have a flying page without a picture of Christopher's favorite airplane, Lockheed's P-38 Lightning Lockheed P-38 Lightning

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